Walk with Brian Kerkoven – Model Training

Training of Models like everything else is a specialists job, someone who has been in the Industry long enough, to be able to share their knowledge in the field and catwalk experiences, while keeping in touch with the changes, which happen constantly.

Models who have started under my direction, have been very successful and are regularly seen on the major catwalk shows, some have moved into the acting circuits and generally are at the TOP in one way or the other. View more about model success stories


At auditions for all top shows in Colombo, it is always my joy to see my Icon Models, always being selected, because of their presentation, look, walk and attitude.

Any student who attends ‘Model with Brian Kerkoven”, is assured of individual attention, as there are only 10 students in a class and each class lasts for 2 hours, trained in a cool relaxed atmosphere, where TEAM work is the key to success.

We at Model with Brian Kerkoven are very keen on sending out models of a very high standard, in their personal behavior, etiquette, and understanding of the job, etc.

Models who have completed the training, will be added to our Modeling Bureau and with their performances they will be categorized as Top or Icons models. View more about the Modeling Bureau

Currently we ‘Model with Brian Kerkoven’ offer two model training courses, one is “Be a Model” training course, the step up for field of modeling and the other one is “Ramp Up” training course, exclusively designed for the models who are qualified for international pageants & shows.