Miss Scuba Sri Lanka for Miss Scuba International 2016

Miss Scuba Sri Lanka for Miss Scuba International 2016

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The Background

Miss Scuba International

Miss Scuba Sri Lanka is the local pageant of held in Sri Lanka for Miss Scuba International.

The Miss Scuba International pageant was held for the very first time in 2011. There has been many a beauty pageant held in the past, many embracing great causes, however none yet have focused on our oceans. Life on Earth as we know it, began with our Oceans.

The winning delegate of the Miss Scuba International competition will undertake a year of ocean conservation campaigns to educate and inspire the desire in all of us to do our best to safeguard our oceans. The pageant will also offer her an unique and comprehensive platform to launch her career and personal development within the industry.

Additionally, it also aims to promote safe diving practices through worldwide professional training organizations, and elevate international marine tourism and cultural appreciation.

Although this is the second endeavor in such an event, organizers are confident in garnering support from those who are determined to see our Planet Ocean survive for many more generations to come.

Miss Scuba Sri Lanka

2015 – Harini Kawyanjani

The Press Conference